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Don't Look Back, That's Not Where You're Going. -Igna Copelan

Blog — Elie Bertrand

Ceci est le blog d’élie Bertrand!


Hey you ! You’re back ! So good to see you ! :)

I am dedicating this piece to something that takes up a huge piece of my life that’s not related to music and that is working out.

Mind you, I have never been very athletic growing up. I took some swimming lessons and dance classes at some point… But that’s it. I wasn’t really into sports probably partly because I wasn’t a very healthy kid. Of course like a lot of young girls growing in o...

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Gator - Nickname

Hey you !

How’s it going eh ?

I decided to answer one question I get asked very often – Why do you always sign notes using the name Gator ?

Well well, thank you to Rene Adolph a.k.a. Redge a.k.a. The cool surfer dude at Pearl Drums ! This man is like my second dad, like my big brother – he’s one amazing person...

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New Website !

Welcome to you ! :)

I am so happy to see you here ! Thank you for stopping by !

This is my new online home. We did some pretty sweet updates that I sure hope you will enjoy ! Please have a look around and drop me a line to let me know what you think about it.

That’s it for now ! Take care and talk soon !


xx. Gator.

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How it all began.

I was born on December 25th 1989 at Granby’s hospital and I grew up in Chambly, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec. I began playing drums I was 5 years old. Both of my parents are musicians and they always loved to introduce my little sister and I to all the different kind of arts. They took us to tons of concerts, we would go to museums often and of course listened to a whole lot of music. Growing up I also took ballet for a while, I was part of a theatre company but really music was more my thing.

I had the chance to take drum lessons from the very beginning. In grade 5 up to secondary 2, I joined a music program where I would go to school in the morning and learn music during the afternoon. We had tons of different classes; we had choir, theory classes, music history classes, I was also taught to play flute, we had composition classes and tons of other awesome courses. I learned different styles of drumming, from jazz to latin, blues and pop but really my hart was always for rock music.

At 14 years old, I left the music program because I wanted to focus more on drumming. That same year I also joined my first pro band. It was a blues and classic rock cover band. We played everything from Joe Cocker to ZZ Top. I learned A LOT with those guys. They were all amazing musicians and I was just the little kid coming in the group. They really took me under their wing and taught me everything I needed to know to become a professional musician. Still to this day, I turn to them for advices.

During my last 3 years of secondary school, I was involved in every single music projects at my school. I played drums in every school shows and for my graduation year my best friends and I put together the award show at the end of the year. It was so awesome. I loved being part of all the aspects of the production. We had to audition all the musicians and singers, to choose the songs, to write the texts, develop the decor and the concepts, etc. It was a blast.

Those 3 years were also very important because it’s pretty much when my professional career began. I played tons of shows with a few different cover bands and I also joined a percussion troop called Insolita. I played different types of gigs; corporate events, festivals including Ottawa’s Winterlude, Mont Tremblant’s International Blues Festival and Montreal’s Jazz Festival, I also played a few TV shows including TVA’s On n’a pas toute la soirée and Vrak TV’s Karv l’Anti-Gala and tons of cool club gigs.
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In July 2007 right after my prom night, I moved to Toronto to join a hard rock band called Scarlet Sins. We toured Canada together and played a couple of shows in the US. We played some huge events such as Hard Rock’s Pinktober show, the Sarnia BayFest where we were direct support for Motley Crue, we also played a Molson’s Mega Keg Party, St-Thomas’s Summer Blast, Seattle’s PowerBox Festival, Pearl drums’ Ultimate Drum Camp and we had the chance to share the stage with some massive acts such as Cryptopsy, Kittie, The Trews, Vixen just to name a few. The band got amazing reviews in multiple rock metals magazines and blogs all around the world. The first full-length album got onto the 2008 Grammy Awards’ short lists. We did all of that independently. Let me tell you that to this day this band was definitively one of the best experiences of my life.

In November 2009 after Scarlet Sins decided to go separate ways, I moved back to Montreal and ever since I have been playing independently with different artists. To know more about the projects I'm working on read all the latest news on my blog!
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  • Backstage with Redge and Dennis Chambers at the Pearl Day - September 29th, 2013 - Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Elie Bertrand - PearLive at Pearl Day - September 29th, 2013 - Montreal, QC, Canadal Day 11

  • Live at Pearl Day - September 29th, 2013 - Montreal, QC, Canada

  • Live at Pearl Day - September 29th, 2013 - Montreal, QC, Canada

  • In the Studio recording the new STL's jingle with JF Burman and Nikolai Olekhnovitch

  • Backstage on NYE at the Montreal Casino with Belles Angels

  • Our ride to the Mine! :)

  • My view from my room in Katinniq, Qc

  • The great baker who baked my awesome birthday cake the nice people from the Raglan Mine baked me!

  • My awesome birthday cake the nice people from the Raglan Mine baked me!

  • Élé and I having a moment with the nickel during our visit of the mine

  • Fab and Élé looking fine in their suits!

  • Live at the Raglan Mine in Katinniq on Christmas Day

  • Live at the Raglan Mine in Katinniq on Christmas Day

  • Live at the Loft Hotel in Montreal with Belles Angels

  • Some of our friends at the mine!

  • Live at the Loft Hotel in Montreal With Belles Angels

  • Backstage at the Metropolis in Montreal with Belles Angels

  • Life On The Road... Not Easy. ;)

    With Belles Angels, getting ready and chilling before show time! :)

  • Back Stage with Belles Angels at the Montreal Casino :)

    From the left to the right: Mélissan Ouimet, Marilou Martin, Fabienne Gilbert and Éléonore Pitre

  • Véronique Gilbert and her adorable daughter Ange. Check out the pics Véro took of my Trio F.É.E. :)

  • Fab and I posing in between takes during a F.É.E. video recording day! :)

  • On Set with my Trio F.É.E. and two of our guest singers Marie-Pier Gamache and Karine Ste-Marie

  • With Emmanuelle Caplette at the Montreal Drum Fest 2012 in the Evans Drumhead Booth

  • Tick and I

    We're having a High School Musical! ;)

  • Pearl Booth at the 2012 Montreal Drum Fest

  • Live with Belles Angels at the Walk for the Children's Wish Foundation

    Photographer - Louis-Étienne Doré

  • Canadian Musician Magazine ad for Pearl's Drum For Cure with Rodney Howard

    September-October 2012 Edition

  • Backstage with my girls Élé and Fab! :)

  • Redge and my baby! :)

    Little stop at Jam Industries this week to say Hello to everyone, to change spurs and add a Ô so beautiful glowy Pearl logo on my front head. Thanks to Redge! He's the best! :)

  • Backstage hanging with DA KING Redge Adolf! :)

    Backstage hanging with DA KING Redge Adolf! :)

  • Promo Card For My Singing During the 2014 NAMM Show :)

    Thanks to my great friends at Los Cabos Drumsticks

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